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The only other topic that rivals the discussion of “is print advertising dead” is the topic of “whether or not Elvis is dead”. 
We are unable to comment on Elvis but when it comes to print advertising, then we do have something to say. 
There are many benefits to advertising in a magazine or on a leaflet and here are our top 3: 
A longer shelf life: Whilst digital ads come and go, print ads have staying power. The tactile experience of seeing the ad in your hand means people linger longer whilst reading the magazine and seeing your ad. 
No Fear: Whilst reading the magazine you’ve little chance of catching a virus or downloading some unwanted information. This gives people more time to read your ad. 
Credibility and Brand recognition: Local magazines are a valuable way of connecting with local communities and your ad will generate interest in your business. When someone calls you, there will already be an element of trust and you can reinforce that when you talk to your potential new client. 
Deciding how to promote your business and win new customers can be a difficult decision, print advertising gets you in front of your target audience and generates true engagement. 
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